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Today's H.264 compression technology is considered best. It is approximately 1.5 times more efficent in compression ratio than MPEG4 with high quality images and low LAN/WAN bandwidth utilization.We are now updating website pages with new products like the Honeywell Performance Series Page. Also Check Out Our Monthly Specials

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IP Camera

StarDot Technologies Model CAM-SECH.H.264 Compression. StarDot is one of the few megapixel IP camera manufactures in the world to support dual codec (H.264 & MJPEG) video streaming at 1.3MP/3MP/5MP/10MP. StarDot Technologies multi-megapixel cameras simultaneously output analog video at up to D1 resolution. The Vandal Dome comes with a 4mm -12mm Lens. The Block Camera comes with a 4mm Lens. Also available in IR Day/Night Model. Click for Info - Shop

Star Dot Technologies Model CAM-SEC.This camera has become a best seller. Designed specifically for the security industry. This high definition surveillance camera comes in 1.3MP/ 3MP/ 5MP. The Vandal Dome comes with a 4mm -12mm Lens. The Block Camera comes with a 4mm Lens. Also in IR Day/Night Model. Click for Info - Shop

NetCam XL Rugged Standalone Web Camera

Star Dot Technologies Model CAM-XL.A Rugged Standalone Web Camera Bundle in 1.3MP or 3MP. A popular camera for tourism, construction monitoring, web attraction and weather monitoring. Crisp images and video up to 3 megapixel resolution can be viewed through the built-in web server. Automatically upload live images and archived images to your web server. Click for Info - Shop

Express Server

Star Dot Express Video Encoder SRV-EXP.The affordable solution for monitoring multiple cameras sources over the Internet and local area networks. The small standalone server streams video for 2/4/8 cameras. The Express Servers include multiple network connections (1 x Ethernet and 2 x Serial). Click for Info - Shop


EverFocus ECOR264 Series DVR with H.264 Compression. 500GB/1TB/2TB Hard Drives. 4,8,9,16 Camera Models. Built-in Web interface for live view, playback, zoom and configuration support. Flexible alarm input trigger response scheduling. 1 BNC & 1 VGA main monitor outputs. Audio recording capability. Built-in DVD burner. 2 USB ports. Free DDNS Service for Mobil Viewing from iPhone, iPad and Droid App. Click for Info - Shop

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